Smart Meter Gateway from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus: successful Integration into Another Admin Software

The Smart Meter Gateway SMARTY IQ from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus GmbH, the leading provider of intelligent metering systems, is now successfully integrated into the gateway administration software of Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH.

Another milestone in the area of flexibility and interoperability of Smart Meter Gateways (SMGw) has been achieved: The SMARTY IQ gateway from Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus is now connected to the gateway administration (GWA) software of Robotron.

“After having achieved an integration of our SMARTY IQ into the Sagemcom Fröschl administration software, we are pleased that our SMGw has now also been integrated into the GWA solution of Robotron.” emphasises Detlef Einacker, sales director at Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus. Dirk Engel, head of product management at Sagemcom Dr. Neuhaus, reports: “This underlines the flexibility of our API and demonstrates that our product matches with different administration software systems. Accordingly, another important step on the way to the smart meter rollout in Germany in terms of interoperability has been accomplished for our customers.”

Having the SMGw and GWA software connected offers a measurement data reception, which is compatible with the requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). At a technical level, highly secure communication of the SMARTY IQ gateway takes place via the WAN (Wide Area Network) interface, and thereby follows the micro processes defined by the FNN (Forum Netztechnik/Netzbetrieb in the VDE).

The SMGw is the central communications unit in an intelligent metering system (iMSys), which receives and saves multi-sector measurement data from meters, prepares and transmits these for authorised market participants. The meters (electricity, gas, water, heat) can be connected both with cable (RS485) and via near field communication (wireless MBus) to the gateway. The end customer of the utility can access his high resolution consumption measurement values via a local HAN interface. The SMGw also functions as a transparent proxy server for control boxes and other devices connected in the HAN.

The metering point operator and its associated SMGw administrator are also essential components in the intelligent energy grid of the future. The SMGw administrator is responsible for the setting up, configuration, installation and operation of intelligent metering systems. The duties of the SMGw administrator include the configuration, monitoring and control of the SMGw. He also supervises the life cycle of the SMGw from production through installation to de-installation, and creates and administers the profiles for rating loaded into the SMGw.