Smart meter gateway Siconia® smarty iq proofs interoperability with three other gwa systems

Hamburg, 27. April 2020

The smart meter gateway (smgw) siconia® smarty iq from sagemcom dr. neuhaus receives further revision of the type examination certificate from the physikalisch-technische bundesanstalt (ptb). three other gwa systems have been confirmed to have a high level of interoperability.

The SMGW Siconia® SMARTY IQ, which was already BSI-certified on September 25, 2019, meets all legal, measurement and custody transfer requirements for the use of intelligent measurement systems in accordance with the type examination certificate according to Module B.

The following GWA systems have now been added to the type examination certificate:

  • "Robotron - GWA Manager"
  • "Discovergy - GWA"
  • "Tremondi - SMGA.SUiTE".

Now those users of the GWA systems mentioned above can use Sagemcom Dr. Neuaus Smart Meter Gateways. For the recently announced rollout of the intelligent metering systems in Germany.

"The first active PKI devices can now be delivered to our customers just in time for the revision," said Dirk Engel(product management) and Holger Graetz (sales & marketing) and look hopefully at other GWA systems that will follow.

The device firmware has remained unchanged for the revision of this certificate. The interoperability of the aforementioned GWA systems was examined as part of the test procedure in accordance with PTB requirements 50.8. It was successfully proven that the tariff use cases TAF 1, TAF 2, TAF 6 and TAF 7 can be configured into the Siconia® SMARTY IQ with each individual system.

The tariff use cases of the gateway enable the metering operator to offer end consumers highly variable and personalized electricity tariffs. In addition, for example, the connection of a communication adapter to the SMGw and the functionality of the device was validated with the customer display software TRuDI according to PTB-A 50.8. With the TRuDI software, end consumers can in future carry out an invoice verification via the connected SMGw.

Further information includeing full list of interoperable GWA systems for Siconia® SMARTY IQ: