Integration expertise

The nature and interconnection of energy networks have changed in recent years. The scalability of these networks has transformed the electricity meter into a cornerstone of energy network management and control. Indeed, the electricity meter has become active. It has evolved to become a key player in its ecosystem by acquiring the ability to federate a whole set of smart meters as a gateway to End-to-End solutions.

The implementation of these multi-energy solutions allows their managers to combine the collection of the different meters. Thus the electricity meters become the aggregation hubs which transfer the collected data over the same infrastructure. Thus by pooling the means of communication, investments in infrastructures can been optimized.

Our whole expertise in one end-to-end solution

In the world of energy metering, Sagemcom offers its customers end-to-end multi-energy solutions integrating all types of smart metering for energy: electricity, gas, water and heat.

Sagemcom aims to provide its customers, such as utilities or property managers, with high-end multi-energy solutions that improve the control of their networks in real time. And this from metering to the availibility of the collected data.

Indeed, these multi-energy solutions are already being deployed in Europe.

The electricity meter: a communication hub

In order to meet the needs of each customer, Sagemcom offers two solutions for multi-energy management:

    The first solution consists of using the electricity meter as a hub. The gas and water meters communicate their data by first sending them to the electricity meter. This connection can be carried out through the customer's favourite interface. Sagemcom already offers a number of communication technologies such as: WMbus, LoRaWAN™...

Regardless of the communication used to collect energy meter data, PLC or cellular, the role of the electricity meter is to transmit all the data to the general display and processing system, i.e. the Siconia® system.

    The second solution consists of offering smart electricity, gas and water meters that communicate independently, directly with the Siconia® system. In this case, the communication and data exchange can be achieved with NB-IoT communication.

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