The roll-out of end-to-end smart metering solutions is the cornerstone of the smart grids that are capable of addressing the different challenges that utilities are facing.

This is the goal of the Siconia Software Suites solution, which is made up of two systems: Siconia HES and Siconia MDMS.

The Siconia solution addresses the main challenges that utilities are facing:

  • Maintain a constant balance between supply and demand: Supply and use all the decentralised consumption and production data with a high degree of granularity.
  • Improve the quality of the network: Avoid peaks in demand for energy and monitor the quality of the network at all the metering points.
  • Responsible energy management: Enable consumers to have a real-time vision of their consumption, offer more personalised energy contracts according to usage time, etc.
  • Improve the billing processes : More precise bills based on actual consumption, etc.
  • Network supervision :Offer clearer visibility of the distribution network and improve/facilitate the decision-making processes (business intelligence)
  • Asset maintenance : Use more intelligence in asset life cycle management and enable the implementation of predictive maintenance
  • The ecological transition : Reduce the carbon footprint, in particular through automated data collection and reduced interventions in the field.
  • Comply with the standards and obey the enforced laws applying to personal data : Deploy a solution that complies with the GDPR and the different cybersecurity standards.