Sagemcom developed a middleware that has been so far deployed on digital set-top boxes. Thanks to a modular architecture, this middleware is scalable and brings a set of features to each operator with an optimized time-to-market, which allows proposing personalized linear and on-demand services to customers.




Beyond traditional TV features, including support of 4K and HDR, and integration with security and customized user interface modules, Sagemcom middleware also brings additional services, such as aggregation of leading video streaming applications for enriched video experience, voice control to ease/fasten access to desired content, and supply of a complete set of tools for device management. The architecture of Sagemcom middleware allows easy portability between hardware (Core chipset, front-end…) and regarding security (CAS, DRM…). A unique set of APIs, regardless of the platform, allows quick migration from one hardware to another, of any UI or OTT features (among others).


Thanks to its middleware expertise, Sagemcom has the flexibility to integrate various third party middleware solutions to meet operator’s needs