What is Wize?

Wize is one of the LPWAN technologies. It is a bi-directional long range radio operating in the 169 MHz frequency band. This technology could also be supported in other frequency bands. The current version is based on the European standard 13757-x which has been defined for the connection of smart meters.

Why Wize? Under what circumstances?

Wize technology allows long range communications (up to several tens of kilometres in open field) and offers good resistance to attenuation. It is well suited to reaching buried or isolated objects. In the 169 MHz band, which is an unlicensed band in some European countries, it is also less subject to the effects of frequency noise or interfering objects.

Lastly, it is a low energy consuming technology and therefore compatible with battery powered equipment.

What is Sagemcom's solution?

Sagemcom is a founding member of the Wize Alliance and has been offering products supporting this technology for several years. In particular, gas meters deployed on the GAZPAR project and the telecom infrastructure made up of data concentrators are already available.

It is quite natural that Sagemcom will soon offer residential water meters in DN15 and DN20 that also support this high-performance technology in terms of range and low consumption.