Ultrasound technology does away with the need for moving mechanical parts inside the meter, thereby extending the lifespan of the meter by avoiding any wear or fatigue that could result in the deterioration of the metrological quality of the meter.


The Siconia® Water offer comprises a broad range of meters designed to monitor, control and manage water consumption for domestic or industrial use.


The measuring mechanism in the Siconia® meters offers a broad measurement range, is very precise and achieves a level of intrinsic error close to 0% across the entire operating range. The high stability of the measurements throughout the lifespan of the meter improves the reliability of the water distribution data. These features open the way for new services, such as the detection and characterisation of leaks in the water distribution network.


Ultrasound technology also enables access to more data, which can be used to offer solutions to customers that been complex with mechanical meters, whether connected or not.


Sagemcom has naturally sought to develop products that take maximum advantages of ultrasound measurement technology.