With the explosion of digital needs, the gateway is an innovation hub for the home. Sagemcom designs and supplies smart home gateways that benefit from both SWAN® and RDK-B open middleware solutions to create rapidly and easily new end-user experiences and provide the most advanced operational control for broadband service providers.

SWAN® is the software platform developed by Sagemcom and deployed over several ten of million devices today with all WAN access supported - Fiber, Docsis, DSL, FTTH, 4G 4G FWA and 5G soon. It is an open and highly portable software with openPrplWRT with a field-proven agility to integrate and deploy third party applications.

Widely deployed in North America, RDK-B is increasingly adopted in Latin America and Europe. RDK-B is supported in new generation of Sagemcom Docsis and Fiber home gateways.

Remote Healthcheck deployment Tool

Remote HealthCheck is a highly scalable and portable cloud management system that enable Service Providers to obtain analytic data for the staged deployment of new software releases, the monitoring of the health and performances of an installed base of devices, the automatic collection of artifacts for advanced analysis, and the collection of alarms and real time events.

Containerized applications for modular upgrade and future application stores

Sagemcom software platforms enable the rapid deployment of containerized applications. Those applications can be updated and managed with standard-based Broadband Forum TR-157 objects over the secured management interfaces supported by the device, independently of the main firmware. Operators can operate in agile mode with the development of innovative applications and value add services, while keeping the robust firmware of their devices untouched. Several dozens of value-add third party applications are deployed today on Sagemcom SWAN® -enabled Broadband Gateways for services such as Mesh WiFi, Cyber Security, Parental Control, Home Security, IoT Hub, Data Analytics, Smart Assistants, Network Overlay, multicast ABR, and more.

EasyMesh™ and Mesh Wi-Fi cloud management system supported

Sagemcom software platforms support easyMesh™ and the Sagemcom Cloud Management System for Whole Home Wi-Fi.

New Remote Management with WebPA and TR-369 USP

Sagemcom software platforms support new management adapters with WebPA - the opensource and scalable remote management interface that provides easy access to TR-181 objects via the Cloud – and Broadband Forum TR-369 USP - the standardized protocol for managing, monitoring, upgrading, and controlling connected devices.