Sagemcom addresses the growing demand for voice control services by integrating in its range of products (STBs and Sound products) hardware components and software modules dedicated to voice acquisition, voice understanding and intent processing that interface with the Cloud of the service providers to improve the Quality of Experience of the viewers.

Sagemcom worked closely with recognized leaders in the field of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to offer premium multi-Cloud and multi-Service consumer premises devices to the operators willing to give to their clients the full control, hands-free, of their Video Delivery services, as well as access to third party voice services platforms.

Either near field, by speaking close the remote control, or far field, speaking to distant device incorporating microphones and performing echo cancellation, the end-user takes the full control of his Multimedia Entertainment with the voice, for immediate access to desired live program, latest VOD contents or video streaming applications, and additional services provided by Assistant Cloud platform, such as Alexa or Google assistant, to listen to music, hear news, search for a recipe, control your smart home devices and much more.